The TikTok Daware agency supports you in all aspects of your TikTok strategy: content creation, influence, TikTok Ads sponsorship.


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Defining the most effective strategy for achieving your goals and target audience


Creating content tailored to your image and objectives


Feature influencers in your content to promote virality

TikTok Ads

Video sponsorship via TikTok Ads campaigns


  • Definition of the strategy : positioning, planning, location selection and influencers
  • Content production : shooting and editing
  • Sponsorship : launch and optimization of TikTok Ads campaigns
  • Analysis : results and reporting

TikTok Agency FAQ

The role of a TikTok Agency is to create the best TikTok content for you and sponsor it to generate maximum visibility for your brand or product. The TikTok agency develops strategies specific to each advertiser and each issue, need and objective.

It is important to note that the role of a TikTok agency is not limited to content creation. It can also contribute to defining content strategy, choosing partnerships, distribution via TikTok Ads... All these elements have common synergies in the TikTok universe. 

A TikTok agency costs several thousand to tens of thousands of euros. Rates vary according to the content of the service (content creation, sponsorship, editing...) and the volume of your needs (number of contents and recurrence).

At Daware, we offer support for all TikTok services. Contact us for a quote.

Depending on your targets and marketing objectives, TikTok Ads campaigns can play a major role in your marketing strategy. TikTok reaches a very wide audience, and its "native" advertising format ensures that messages are memorable and highly engaging.

A good TikTok marketing campaign will easily meet awareness objectives, but it can also meet conversion or ROI objectives if the videos and landing pages are adapted. 

Our marketing agency can help you establish the best multi-levers marketing strategy to achieve your objectives.

TikTok Ads is the advertising dimension of TikTok. Via the TikTok for Business platform, you can launch advertising campaigns on TikTok. 

This requires several elements:

  • Define your TikTok Ads strategy: objectives, campaign types, duration, communication focus...
  • Defining the audience that will enable you to reach the users belonging to your advertising target.
  • A media-buying budget to spend on broadcasting
  • Video content for distribution

Our TikTok agency can support you in all these areas.

The media buying budget for a TikTok Ads campaign has to be defined on a case-by-case basis, but depending on the advertising objectives, there are different entry tickets:

  • For a brand awareness campaign (reach and impressions target), the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) are generally around 1€. A budget of €1,000 may be enough to generate 1 million impressions.
  • For a performance campaign (conversions target), it's best to budget at least €10K per month. Indeed, you need to spend enough to generate a lot of broadcast data (click-through rate, conversion rate according to audience, etc.) so that TikTok's algorithms can understand what performs best and adapt the campaign accordingly. 

You can create a TikTok Ads account by going to TikTok for Business and entering your e-mail address or telephone number on the registration page. To launch your first campaign, click on "Create an ad".

TikTok counts more than a billion active users worldwide. The social network surpassed this figure in 2021.

In addition to active users, TikTok counts more than 3 billion downloads of its application in 3 years.

In France, TikTok has over 15 million active usersof which at least 4 million are active daily.

The TikTok audience respects gender parity by having 49.6 % for women and 50.4 % for men among its users.

The social network's users are young, with 41% of them having 16 to 24 years old.

The geographic distribution of the TikTok audience is very broad, with a presence in 155 countries and translated into 75 languages.

The basic format for a TikTok video is 1,080×1,920 pixels.. This format is valid for both organic video and advertising.

It's usually pretty straightforward to reuse a video used on other social networks, like Instagram for example.