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Ongoing management and optimization of your campaigns: AB testing, query reports, budget adjustments, etc.




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Top 25 best SEA agencies - Google Ads

Best SEA agency ranking
Top Agency Note Website City Customers Price Options
1 ★★★★★ Paris, Toulon SUEZ, Octopus Energy, Byredo, SNCF-Connect, Flowrette  €€ 5,0
2 Ad's Up ★★★★★

Paris, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux,
Geneva, Belgrade

Studyrama, Weber, Corsica Ferries, Ina €€€ 4,4
3 Web Studios ★★★★★ Paris, Dreux SFR, Meetic, Allianz €€ 4,6
4 My web agency ★★★★ Paris, Cergy Leclerc Voyages, La mère Poulard, Renato €€€ 4,9
5 Epixelic ★★★★ Paris Caisse d'épargne, ERDF, Saint Gobain €€€ 4,9
6 Simplement - Web Agency ★★★★ Paris Welcome Europe, Frate Mate, Motivart 4,8
7 Tactee ★★★★ Paris,
1001 rooms, Exalto, My Protein €€€ 5,0
8 Thrive Agency ★★★★ Paris, Bordeaux Orchestre Parfum, Doort, Metapoly €€ 5
9 Elyum ★★★★ Paris, Lyon, Caen Remorque Vérène, Le pion magique €€ 4,4
10 Apollo Com ★★★★ Avignon BMW, Pepsi, Europcar €€ 4,9
11 Effilab ★★★ Boulogne-Billancourt Le coq sportif, Audible, La redoute €€€ 3,0
12 Venice Activation ★★★ Boulogne-Billancourt Allianz, AG2R, Europcar €€€ ND
13 Optimize 360 ★★★ Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Geneva,
Nancy, Reims, Toulon, Lille
One Nation Paris, Le Negresco,
La Perla Bar
14 Primelis ★★★ Paris Galeries Lafayette, ClubMed, Celio €€€ 4,6
15 Eficiens ★★★ Paris, Annecy Harmonie Mutuelle, Groupama, AXA €€ 3,6
16 Junto ★★★ Paris SciencePo, Open Class Room, Franprix 4,9
17 Yateo ★★★ Paris Estherderm, BNP Paribas, Havas Voyages €€€ 4,7
18 Markentive ★★★ Paris Sunrise, Scop 3, Stade Toulousain €€ 4,8
19 Datashake ★★★ Paris Dermalogica, BNP Paribas, Allan €€€ 5,0
20 Egate ★★★ Paris Banque BFM, Preventech, Telehouse €€€ 4,2
21 Spark ★★★ Paris 3 suisses, Le slip Français, €€€ ND
22 Marketify ★★★ Gries Aquabion, ArtColor, Hello Retail €€ 5,0
23 Powertraffic ★★★ Mont Saint Aignan Mauboussin, Paul Marius, Paul Berger €€€ 4,8
24 Agence2Web ★★★ Paris  Labbe, Xolf, Pacific Food 4,9
25 Inbound Value ★★ Paris DS Smith, Raja, Les Big Boss €€ 5,0

SEA Agency FAQ - Google Ads

A Google Ads agency is an agency made up of a team specializing in digital marketing campaigns on Google Ads. This is an agency that will take care of the creation of all your Google campaigns in order to develop the visibility of your business on the internet, but also to generate a return on investment. Unlike natural SEO, here we are talking about SEA referencing (Search Engine Advertising), paid referencing or even sponsored links. 

The role of an SEA Agency is to define and implement the best Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising strategy in order to maximize the performance of its clients.

Return on investment, notoriety, video views, application downloads… The objectives can be multiple. To do this, the paid SEO agency develops strategies specific to each advertiser and each problem, need and objective.

Return on investment, notoriety, video views, application downloads… The objectives can be multiple. To do this, the paid SEO agency develops strategies specific to each advertiser and each problem, need and objective. 

A good SEA agency must :

  • Be able to support you throughout the implementation of campaigns, their management and continuous optimization.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis and keyword research for your business.
  • Work with you to determine the right types of campaigns to activate, based on your marketing objectives.
  • Google-certified, results-oriented SEA experts.
  • Establish regular communication with customers for rapid, informed decision-making.
  • Being a Google Partner is a necessary but not necessarily sufficient guarantee of quality.
  • Master all types of SEA campaigns: search, shopping, display, video, application download, etc.

Not all SEA agencies are the same, it is important to compare these different points and ask to meet the team who will support you. Some agencies focus their efforts on the commercial side, but the performance team is not up to par. Avoid disappointment by ensuring that the team is made up of SEA and SEO experts.

The objectives when using a Google Ads agency are to generate turnover and obtain an optimal click-to-customer conversion rate. It is therefore essential to select this agency carefully, we detail our selection of the 25 best SEA agencies.

A Google Ads certified agency is one that holds the "Google partner" or "Google Premier" certification. This certification is issued by Google via its "Skillshop" platform. 

Google Ads-certified or Google partner-certified agencies are agencies with a team of experts who have validated their Google certifications, manage a substantial media buying budget and have achieved good performance for their customers, in the eyes of Google. 

This provides an additional guarantee of the SEA agency's expertise in creating and managing your Google Ads campaigns. 

In addition to Google Partner certification, there are a number of other factors to consider when choosing a Google Ads-certified agency. Above all, you need to be sure that the team in charge of your Adwords account will be able to make all the necessary modifications and optimizations. 

So don't hesitate to ask the Google Ads agency:

  • Results obtained in previous campaigns 
  • A mini audit of your advertising account
  • A set of specifications specifying the levers the team intends to use to ensure your future collaboration runs smoothly. 
  • Customer references
  • Customer reviews
  • The profile of the experts who will manage your advertising account
  • Details of everything included in the support package

Some agencies with Google Partner certification can even show you in advance the methodology and techniques they will use to achieve your campaign optimization objectives. 

A Google Ads agency costs several hundred to several tens of thousands of euros. Rates vary according to the content of the service (types of campaigns, tracking requirements, presence of product flows, etc.) and the volume of media purchased.

The price varies depending on the content of the service (types of campaigns, tracking needs, presence of product feeds, etc.) and the volume of media purchases. At Daware, we offer support for all Google Ads services, from launching campaigns to their ongoing management and optimization. Contact us for a quote.

The media purchasing budget for a Google Ads campaign must be defined on a case-by-case basis, but depending on the advertising objectives, there are different entry tickets:

  • For a brand awareness campaign (target reach and visible impressions), the CPM For an awareness campaign (objective of reach and visible impressions), the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) are generally around €1 to €4. A budget of €1,000 can therefore be sufficient to generate 1 million impressions.
  • For a performance campaign (conversion objective, conversion value, ROAS, etc.), it is better to plan a budget of at least €3K monthly. Indeed, you have to spend enough for a lot of distribution data to be generated (click-through rate, conversion rate based on audience, etc.) so that Google's algorithms understand what performs best and adapt campaigns accordingly. 

Depending on your targets and marketing objectives, Google Ads campaigns can play a major role in your marketing strategy. In fact, Google Ads allows you to reach a very wide audience by displaying your ads in different formats throughout the Google environment:

  • In the Google search results when an Internet user searches for specific keywords. Via text ads or shopping ads highlighting your products.
  • In advertising spaces Display on millions of sites and applications worldwide (Google's display network).
  • On Google Maps to drive traffic to your physical stores.
  • In the Google Play Store for application downloads.
  • On YouTube to broadcast advertising videos and take advantage ofgood message recall and strong commitment.

A good Google Ads campaign can easily meet awareness, conversion and ROI objectives. Especially if the landing pages are appropriate. 

A project combining different types of campaigns will optimize your company's visibility.

Our Paris marketing agency can help you establish the best multi-levers marketing strategy to achieve your objectives.

SEA - Search Engine Advertising, is literally the search engine advertising. It's also known as paid referencing, search or sponsored links.

This involves launching campaigns on the advertising networks of the main search engines:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising for Bing and many other search engines: Ecosia, Yahoo, Lilo, DuckDuckGo, Qwant...
  • Baidu Advertising to search on Chinese search engine Baidu.
  • Yandex Ads for paid search on the Russian search engine Yandex.
  • Naver Ad Services to launch sponsored link campaigns on the South Korean search engine NAVER.

The basic concept of SEA campaigns is to set up CPC (cost-per-click) bids on relevant keywords in order to display your ads in the first results.

Google Ads is Google's advertising network. The former name of Google Ads is Google Adwords.

Via the Google Ads platform, you can launch advertising campaigns across the entire Google universe, especially in Google search results.

This requires several elements:

  • Definition of SEA strategy: objectives, types of campaigns, duration, communication focus...
  • Defining the audience and keywords that will reach the users belonging to your advertising target.
  • A media buying budget to spend on broadcasting.
  • Ads (titles, descriptions, images) and ad extensions to be displayed.

Our SEA agency can support you in all these areas.

You can create a Google Ads account at Google Ads and log in with a Google account on the registration page. You can then start programming your first advertising campaign.

A SEA campaign is an effective way of promoting your site and your company on the Internet.
It enables :

  • Target users based solely on your desired keywords
  • Display your ad on websites that are relevant to your target audience
  • Develop your traffic sources: get more clicks with paid search
  • Increase your conversion rate. By using Google Ads, you can reach users who are interested in what you have to offer. You'll reach users when they're looking for a product or service like yours, which is the ideal moment and the strength of SEA.

Keyword targeting is one of the most important steps in setting up a Google Ads campaign.

A good SEO agency will be able to guide you in your choice of keywords, but also in your choice of targeting criteria.

These are also known as keyword match types.

Depending on the level of precision we require for our campaigns, we can choose between :

  • exact keyword
  • exact phrase
  • broad request

In all cases, keyword targeting should be combined with keywords to exclude, to avoid positioning on irrelevant queries.


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