Rebill-art is the brand of a painter who called on us to design an optimized site in line with the visual choices made by the company.

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A site with a customized design and optimizations

The art sector is one of the most demanding when it comes to creating a website: the design must be as close as possible to the creations, and the site must perform well despite the many high-quality visuals.

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Our context

A colorful, optimized site

Painter Pascale Rebillard wanted the site to match the colors of her paintings, which we took care of after various discussions. We favored a simple interface, optimizing the site's loading speed and introducing security parameters. To meet Pascale's needs and expectations, we focused on creating a responsive site that was technically optimized for search engine optimization.

The loading speed issue was the most complex, with so many visuals of Pascale's works and the need to display these visuals in good quality. 

Tableau site Rebill-art

We had to combine a number of image optimizations:

  • lossless image compression
  • resizing images 
  • conversion of images into a web-optimized format: the webP format
  • lazy-loading of images to load them only when the page is scrolled
  • page caching (browser-side, server-side and via CDN)
  • as well as all the other global optimizations we apply to all our site creations (Brotli compression, HTTP/3, minification, delayed loading of elements, etc.).

These optimizations enabled us to achieve the following performance levels:

  • 96/100 speed score on Google page speed insight (desktop)
  • less than 800 ms home page load time (source and GTmetrix)
  • rated A on GTmetrix