Flowrette is a DNVB created at the end of 2019 and specialized in handcrafted decoration.

We support Flowrette in their day-to-day growth. 

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A complete Mother's Day package

We are accelerating Flowrette's digital growth from both a strategic and operational point of view. The Mother's Day period was an opportunity to demonstrate the results of several months of collaboration.

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Our context

A flourishing DNVB

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we intervened on their dried flowers offer, to ensure their visibility during this period.

SEO, SEA, Google Shopping, creation of dedicated pages: everything has been reviewed and optimized to maximize the site's performance.

Thanks to the various optimizations, campaign launches and dedicated content created for Flowrette, their sales grew by 103% over the period compared with the previous year.

The stages of our support

1. Website analysis and optimization

We began by analyzing the Flowrette website to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

The idea is to develop traffic acquisition once the site is 100% optimized for conversion and UX. 

With the Flowrette team and their Shopify agency, we worked on the following optimizations:

  • UX/UI Design Improve navigation, the purchase tunnel and calls to action to facilitate the user experience.
  • Mobile version Optimization of the site for mobile devices, ensuring a fluid and fast browsing experience.
  • A/B Testing Comparative testing of different variants to determine the most effective elements in terms of conversion.
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2. Online advertising campaigns

To increase Flowrette's visibility and sales, we launched online advertising campaigns on various channels:

  • Google Ads : Creation of Search and Shopping campaigns to target users looking for flowers and floral arrangements.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Setting up targeted advertising campaigns to reach an audience interested in flowers and interior decoration.
  • Remarketing Retargeting campaigns to convert visitors who have left the site without buying.
  • Display advertising Use of advertising banners to promote Flowrette's special offers and new products.

3. Content strategy and social networks

We developed a content strategy to strengthen Flowrette's online presence and connect with its community:

  • Blog Creation of regular blog posts to share tips on how to care for dried flowers, decoration ideas, and showcase Flowrette products.
  • Social networking Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to share inspiring images, promotions and interact with the community.
  • Email marketing Send personalized newsletters to inform customers about new products, promotions and special events.
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SEO - natural search engine optimization

4. Advanced SEO optimization

To further improve Flowrette's natural referencing, we have implemented advanced SEO optimizations:

  • Internal linking Optimization of site structure and internal links to reinforce the authority of key pages and improve navigation.
  • Image optimization Reducing image weight, adding alt attributes and optimizing file names to improve loading speed and search engine optimization.
  • Long-form content : Creation of in-depth blog articles and guides to attract natural backlinks and strengthen Flowrette's reputation as an expert in the field.
  • Keyword optimization Analysis of the most relevant keywords and their integration into content, meta tags and titles to improve search engine positioning.
  • Setting up Schema.org : Addition of structured data to help search engines better understand site content and improve page visibility in search results.

Thanks to these advanced SEO optimizations, Flowrette was able to strengthen its position on search engines, increase its organic traffic and attract a wider, more qualified audience. This comprehensive approach to SEO helped strengthen the overall acquisition strategy and increase online brand awareness.

Results of our 360° approach

By implementing a comprehensive strategy including website optimization, online advertising campaigns, content marketing and advanced SEO techniques, we were able to significantly improve Flowrette's online presence and business performance.

Detailed results by lever :

  • Website optimization Improvements in UX/UI design, mobile optimization and A/B testing have resulted in increased user engagement, higher conversion rates and improved customer experience.
  • Online advertising campaigns : Campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms have increased Flowrette's visibility, attracted new customers and generated a positive return on investment.
  • Content strategy and social networks Creating compelling content for the blog and social networks has boosted brand awareness and created a strong bond with the community, increasing customer loyalty.
  • Advanced SEO optimization Advanced SEO techniques have improved Flowrette's positioning in search engine results, increasing organic traffic and attracting a wider, more qualified audience.

In short, our 360° approach enabled Flowrette to achieve significant results in terms of online awareness, sales growth (+103% year-on-year) and customer satisfaction. The synergies between the various actions have created a cumulative effect, reinforcing the impact of each individual initiative and contributing to the overall success of our intervention for Flowrette.